Your Digital Intimacy – Formerly Known as Digitalization

The term “Digitalization” comes in a variety of meanings. Any kind of industry has a different, somehow individual understanding of what it means and is. It think it’s worth sharing my view on this, since some people still don’t get the bigger picture, which to me is mission critical to face the the near future. Pls read (and comment) my blogpost on

This is great stuff for everybody who wants to easily inventorize his publications & blogposts on the web without having an own portfolio page. The service allows to easily insert links to create a collection of all your assets and even tries to categorize stuff by some sort of magic behind the scenes. It even counts how often your assets got shared on twitter, liked on facebook and more. Quick, easy, purposeful. Try it out. Like all good things in life – it’s free.

Microsoft Office for iPad is way more than just an „app”

Microsoft just published Office for the iPad. Most people might just be happy to finally access their working documents on the iOS platform the “real” way now – but i see way more important, strategic signs. Instead of evaluating Office for iPads individual features, i’d look at Mr. Nadellas first strategic moves towards a new Microsoft. Read my post on CSC’s blog